Getting Rid of Indianapolis Water Heater Water’s Smells

Though the smell of rotten eggs when one heads to take a shower or pour a glass of water is unwelcoming, it can absolutely be corrected. In most cases, the smell is because of excess bacteria that has built up in the water tank. It happens frequently for properties that use a well or cities that use a well to supply the water such as Indianapolis.Water Heater Repair Indianapolis

Most, if not all, the bacteria should be killed by setting the temperature of the water heater to 140 degrees or higher. But, it does save the homeowner a few pennies from energy costs to be able to keep the temperature around 120 degrees.

How to Get Rid of the Odors from Your Indianapolis Hot Water Heater

Outlined here the two easiest processes to get rid of that stinky water heater water smell.
1. Chlorination can certainly kill the excess bacteria that is currently living in the water heater. There are two ways to begin this process. First, one can periodically flush the water heater with bleach. One should also be able to install a chlorine feeder , which will enable one to go without doing the bleach flushes (though not a challenging task to do, just not the most fun undertaking).

2. A new annode rod can really help, though may not be as reliable. The tasks from 1. may still need to be performed as well. Check to see if both the hot and cold water have an odor or if the issue is just with the hot water. If this is the case only for the hot water, it may be a sign that the annode rod is breaking because of use. We will not spell out here, but there are many different sorts of annode rods that could be used and each have their pros and cons. If one uses a water softener in the home, this can facilitate the life span of an annode rod too.

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